Credit for medical interventions

Health insurance benefits are being reduced to a minimum, so that only the medical interventions that are absolutely necessary to maintain the health of the patient are taken over. Only the check-ups are approved by the health insurance companies as a supplement from a certain age. As a result of this policy in health care, more and more frequently the credit for medical interventions of patients has to be claimed. Additional interventions recommended by the doctor for the person concerned can often not be handled by the health insurance. This means additional costs for the patient, which as a rule are not covered by the available financial resources.

Credit for medical interventions – Lending via the doctor

Credit for medical interventions - Lending via the doctor

As the problem of funding becomes more and more common, many doctors or clinics have responded and have entered into partnerships with credit institutions. In this way, a loan offer can be submitted to the patient in a short time if necessary. However, the prerequisite is that the person concerned can prove his creditworthiness by a regular income and a positive credit bureau statement. Dentists and gynecologists in particular offer the credit for medical interventions, as the cuts in the health insurance companies leave little room, especially in these specialist areas.

A large number of patients are particularly mentally afflicted with, for example, extremely crooked teeth or physical deformity after pregnancy or extreme weight loss. Correcting teeth or removing a grease apron will fall under the terms of cosmetic surgery and will not be paid. The only chance that remains is a yearlong battle with the health insurance companies or the loan for medical intervention. If you decide on the loan and get an offer submitted by the doctor, you should check the conditions carefully. When mediating on the doctor or a clinic you can not choose the bank, but committed to the bank of the doctor.

In order to be able to get an accurate picture and to compare the costs, it is definitely worth hearing a second opinion from another doctor and making a financing offer there as well. The loans directly from the doctor can be very cheap, but in some cases already overpriced conditions were offered, so you should absolutely compare.
One thing applies to all doctors alike: Financing the medical intervention should not and must under no circumstances influence or even worsen the relationship of trust with the doctor, because every treatment is a big matter of trust.

Credit for medical interventions – financing through other banks

Credit for medical interventions - financing through other banks

Alternatively, you can apply for an installment loan from other banks. Due to the well-known financing problem in medical care, banks usually offer a cheap loan for medical interventions. Nevertheless, comparison offers should be obtained and the APR should be compared exactly. The personal financial situation is the basis for the best credit, because it determines the installment amount and thus the term that is possible.

Before you take a loan for medical interventions, you should have checked the need and only then go in search of the appropriate financing.