Credit for dentures from the bank »Loan amount & conditions.

Dental treatments can be expensive, especially if it is more than just the minimum. Sometimes dentists also offer the right credit for dentures. But before signing, alternatives should be compared. Although only a few suppliers offer a special dental loan, a normal installment credit does it. Private loans can also be an interesting alternative.

Real estate, for cars and for start-ups, but usually no special credit for dentures. There are good reasons for this, because the bank has a special security for real estate and cars; it can have the mortgaged house or vehicle foreclosed if the installments are not paid on a regular basis. For start-ups, it is again the particular risk, which is why there are special loans for this target group – which are also particularly expensive.

A car can have the bank foreclosed if the installments are not paid on a regular basis. This is not so easy with new teeth.

The dentures, however, from the point of view of the bank is a normal issue, as well as the purchase of a new washing machine, the financing of a vacation or a sofa. Therefore comes to financing a normal installment loan in question. There are these possibilities:

  • Payment by the dentist
  • Regular installment loan from the bank
  • credit without
  • Credit for dentures from private

However, the choice between these options is only one of the tasks that borrowers have to face. Three steps lead to the credit for dentures.

However, its interest rates are higher than many of its competitors.


A cheap loan can be found most easily in the comparison calculator. But you have to keep in mind that often only a small part of the customers gets the cheapest interest. It may therefore be worthwhile requesting an individual offer from more than one bank.

Most borrowers want a combination of favorable interest rates and good conditions. Who wants that and wants to do little work, who simply chooses the credit test winner. More complex, but also better is an individual comparison. There are several possibilities.

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ing-diba Request ING loan offer now

Credit for dentures from the dentist

Many dentists offer installment payments, sometimes even with zero-percent funding. Interest-free loans are usually only for very short term.

If the installment is more expensive, it should be compared to a loan. Under the Price Disclosure Ordinance (PAngV), lenders are required to disclose the APR. This shows how much the costs, including all additional fees and compound interest, are calculated on the year. This also applies if the loan runs for less than a year.

Therefore, with a monthly fee or a monthly interest rate, the APR should not simply be twelve times the monthly interest rate, as compound interest payments have to be taken into account, regardless of whether they are actually added to the loan amount or are paid immediately.

If 2.0 percent interest is paid monthly, the annual percentage rate of interest is not just twelve times that of 24.0 percent. Because of the compound interest, this results in an annual percentage rate of 26.82 percent.

Unless additional fees are added, which further increase the rate. It is irrelevant whether the interest rates are actually added to the loan amount and interest paid or paid immediately each month.

With this annual percentage rate, the financing offer of the dentist can be compared with a regular installment loan. Because the credit for dentures from the doctor does not have to be the cheapest.

In most cases, the practices do not finance dentures themselves, but work together with banks. Who chooses the financing through the dentist, therefore, has little choice.

One of the largest providers in this area is currently Postbank. But other banks may be cheaper. A comparison with an installment loan is therefore advisable.

Credit for dentures from the bank

The classic way through a bank is still the most common way to take a loan for dentures. However, the cheapest way is usually not via the local branch, but an online loan.

Because on the Internet, the competition is always just a mouse click away, which ensures competition. And of course, online borrowing is also convenient.

The credit of a bank is still the most common way to get a loan.

For most banks there is no choice in the application “credit for dentures”. For the purpose of use therefore “other” must be specified. The loan with the most favorable conditions can be found in the comparison calculator.

Microcredit for amounts below $ 1,000

The comparison calculator shows offers for installment loans, however, only from an amount of 1,000 USD. That’s because there are barely any offers for lower amounts. Also terms of less than one year are rare.

One of the few offers with maturities already starting from half a year is the installment loan from Webbank, which can only be taken up for amounts starting at 3,000 USD.

For those who need less than 1,000 USD, microcredits can be considered as an alternative. The best-known supplier in this field is VCash. The company from Berlin lends new customers amounts of 100 to 500 USD for a maximum of 30 days.

Although longer terms are possible, this is usually not worthwhile, because these options are significantly more expensive. It is better, therefore, to repay the loan with the next salary first and then prefer to start a new.

An example: A single person with a net income of 1,300 USD needs 750 USD for a dental bill. Each 250 USD he can raise from the current income, the remaining 1,050 USD he needs for rent and living expenses. Thus, he can pay 250 USD of the bill immediately, over 500 USD he needs a loan for dentures.

In 18 days, the next salary arrivals, the repayment is set as a precaution in 20 days, until then, the wage is guaranteed in the account. Including the interest then about 504 $ will be deducted, it will remain from only about 1,796 USD in the account.

After 20 days, the money is used up, now a new loan is taken over then only 250 USD and the repayment also set to the day after the salary, so in about twelve days. Including interest then around 251 USD have to be paid, so the total cost of the loan so 5.00 USD interest.

A loan over 60 days, however, would cost around 60 USD. This is due to the higher interest on a high additional fee for the so-called 2-rate option.

Amounts up to 1,000 USD can only be borrowed from the second loan. Anyway, an installment loan is usually cheaper for higher amounts, even if the term is higher and one lends more money than one actually needs. Because the interest rates for microcredit are significantly higher than for most installment loans.

Credit without credit bureau

Almost all German banks catch up with the Credit bureau before lending. This calculates for each debtor a probability of default, which is mainly based on data on income, debts and defaults in the past. The company, which is predominantly owned by banks and some retailers, is almost exclusively active in Germany.

Credit bureau data plays a major role in assessing creditworthiness.

Anyone applying for a loan abroad escapes Credit bureau’s verdict, but that does not necessarily bring benefits. Because the credit rating is also checked with Swisscred, give away money banks are also reluctant beyond the border.

Of course, you also know that it is mainly borrowers with low credit ratings who use the loan without Credit bureau.

For applicants with good credit rating, the credit for dentures abroad is not worth it. With a medium credit rating, a debt-free loan can pay off especially if in the past one or more bills were not paid on time.

If the debt level is too high, however, a loan from abroad usually helps little. Because the debt is also checked there and ultimately everyone has to ask himself if a loan makes sense at all.

Loans without Credit bureau are usually given through credit intermediaries. Important: Reputable companies like Maxcredit, Extracred and Pixocredit always make a free and non-binding loan offer first. If non-performance fees are required, you should keep your hands off the offer.

Attractive is the offer from Pixocredit, to get offers for a loan for dentures with and without Credit bureau and later compare.

Credit for dentures from private

Private credit can be a good alternative to a bank loan, not just in bad credit. Because with the large providers such as trucredit, Centiloan and Lendercop, the credit rating is always checked.

For this purpose, all three work together with the Credit bureau and assign a value for each applicant.

Only creditors with very bad values ​​are immediately rejected, the rest can compete for money in the marketplace. Depending on the creditworthiness, of course, there are different levels of interest. Whoever has a secure and high income and little debt, pays less.

Trucredit is still the most popular credit platform

However, it may take some time to find enough investors. There may not be enough financiers, then there is no loan. The bank loan is thus the faster way to the credit for dentures, but for trucredit and Co also applicants with below-average creditworthiness good chances, if they can explain well what they need the money. And new teeth are a good reason for a loan in the eyes of most financiers.